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Alan J Feagley – Pinole, California
Large Fowl Dark, Light
Sell at shows.  Breeding Brahma for over 30 years.

Kim & Kendra Aldrich – Saint Charles, Michigan
Large Fowl Light
Bantam Buff
Sell from farm and at shows. Breeding Large Lights for over 16 years and bantams for 8 years.

Christopher & April Rob – Latrobe, Pennsylvania
Triple P Farms
Large Fowl – Light
No eggs or chicks, juvenile and adults available for farm pick up or at shows attended
Also raise/breed/show Black Cochin bantams and large fowl, black/blue/white jersey giants, silkies

Darlene Hobbs – Lancaster, South Carolina
Large Fowl Buff, Dark, Light, Bantam Buff, Dark, Light

Mike Spencer – West Jordon, Utah
Bantam – Light, Buff
Will ship, sell from farm and sells at shows.
Breeding for 35 years.