Congratulations!! Fall quarter 2019 of point accumulation has resulted in two awards that will be given. Awards will be presented at the 2020 National Brahma Meet. Mike Spencer has earned 50 points making him a Grand Master Breeder status. Brian Buffington has earned 10 points making him a Breeder Award status.


“Early Brahma Breeders” 

By Don Emery   (As written in a letter to Susan Nicholas)
Dear Susan,
I thought I would sit down and write you about the old time breeders I can remember and what they raised. I know I will forget some. Most of the ones I knew were on the East Coast. This is where at one time the best breeders of Brahmas both Std. and Bantam were located.
Wilson Chadderdon from New York state raised Light Braham Bantams back in the  50‟s and 60‟s. He worked with O. Fayne Whitney on Light Brahma‟s.   O. Fayne Whitney from Mass. was great breeder of Light Brahma Bantams, won at  most all shows he attended. Could win with males or females. Fayne also developed the Columbian Rock Bantam.
Frank Utterbach from Virginia work with Light Brahma Bantams also. Won at several leading shows in the East and South..
John Freeman was from PA., was Pres. Of the Brahma Club. Also was an outstanding breeder of Standard Light Brahmas and worked with Buff Standards.  Had some outstanding Buff Bantams.